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By paulhayworth, May 22 2016 07:21AM


Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on May 16, 2016

Sixty-two minutes of classic rock about subjects as diverse as hills in the south Cambridge area and murdering women.

I’m going right ahead and awarding this a stellar, Five Star Fidanza review, based mainly on the fact I don’t want the persons responsible for it arriving at my doorstep holding a lump hammer and wearing a frown.

Five Stars (out of a possible five).

By paulhayworth, Feb 19 2016 03:08PM


"Hello all!

Last night one more Prog & Roll radio show was online as usual. This time we had the pleasure to have as "guest on the chatbox" the English composer/musician Paul Hayworth, with whom we spoke about his music, his plans for the future, etc. We also played 3 songs from his new very good album 'Phantom Nomad'. Because Paul's music is pure Rock, and has nothing to do with Prog, we prepared the playlist accordingly."

By paulhayworth, Aug 22 2015 06:25AM

Upcoming review due out in October....for Phantom Nomad.

By paulhayworth, Jul 7 2015 11:30PM

Fantom Nomad is gonna be on http://progressiverockwind.blogspot.it/ all summer!

Thanks my Italian friends!

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