Discography 2

Loops, breaks, dub lines, glitchcore, folk, indie rock, emo, pop, acousitc instrumentals all merge on this collection. Maybe it's some kind of 'Dissociative Musical Identity Disorder' or (Multiple musically personality disorder), who knows why we torment each other so much to feel better about ourselves?


What ever it is it works! After the aggressive breaks of 'Hate The Throwbacks' complaining about your mum, 'All Stars In Heaven' sends ripples of glam breakbeat pop and dance / rock crossover with jazz fusion.  


From there on, tracks like 'Crazy Tree' covered by Freud, 'Carridgeway' about a car crash, 'Jimi's Not Dead' (oh no he's not!) and 'When You're Feelin' Blue' rock n rolls you along your own merry path!


Released 06.07.12


Teenrage Evolution

An elaborate musical collection about the development cycle as we struggle to evolve and develop from children to adulthood.


Opening with the track 'Cyberstar', it eerily and quite accurately portrays and foresees the state of the modern digital music industry today. The album then launches into the rock anthem title track 'Teenrage Evolution'.


The dance / rock / pop / punk crossover evolves as the tracks effortlessly bounce off each other in the most original forms and songwriting techniques, using airy analogue synths, heavy guitar riffs, breakbeats and experimental programming, culminating in a musical orgy for your ear drums.


But why the Mammoth you may ask...... . ?

Released 03.08.12


Harking back to the hay-day of British Indie comes 'Floorstare Kids'. We all went a bit baggy dancing to the double snare hits, as guitar music made it's great comeback into mainstream music culture after the quite dismal barren period of 80's factory 'Synth Pop'.


Not all 'Indie' was truly independent though, as bands that got branded as 'Britpop' down the line were mainly supported by the major record companies.


Some stayed true, and some sold out. This small collection of melodic guitar pop gems comes from the 'college' period using inventive FX and ideas bringing raucous guitar melodies out in new ways.


If you have a spare 15 minutes to listen, and after classic authentic old sKoOl indie, this stomps the button!

Floorstare Kids

Released 09.09.12


“Diggin Holes”,

“Melodies Of Corruption”


“Teenage Evolution”

are now playing in the


regular song rotation.

Indie Music Daily

Indie Music Daily   

    recommends "Cyberstar"

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MRU Social-

"Great EP it does have that 80's feel to it but sounds great! "

Rock’n’Roll is back on the map with the new album by Paul Hayworth. ‘Hit The Killswitch’ not only tickles your fancy it’s a complete work of art, a journey album from the solo collection of the English New Wave Indie / Prog Rock artist.


Sounding very genuine yet unique, it resembles classics from the British mod scene like ‘The Kinks,’‘The Who’ or ‘The Rolling Stones,’or even underground alternative legends ‘The Boo Radleys’ or 'Grandaddy'  with ultimate rare guitar grooves and out of this world licks n buzz.


As the album winds it's merry path, 80’s and 90’s alternative influences become more apparent using the best of classic synths and ‘Jangle Pop’ melodies to bring the collection to it’s penultimate lerch with 'Hit The Killswitch,' whilst retaining it’s real Indie roots.


Do you dare turn it off?

‘Hit The Killswitch’

Hit The Killswitch

Released 07.10.12


WOBC FM "The video sounds good"

rare CFRC

CFRC "I like the throw-back, mod sound "

Altsounds metacafe Gazeta Flacons Nest oguiadacidad Daily Motion classicrockcosmos-header wloy logo

WLOY "The singles sound good!"

videobash reverbnation StartFM wikizic-logo Vimeo Rateyourmusic Review

"The sound is timeless in a very lo-fi manner"


"Hummable, likable pieces of music that I could listen to anytime and anyplace"


"An all around forceful display of 80's/90's indie rock."

Olav - Progressor Magazine

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Ultra Violet

Rescued from the depths of the 'electrocuted Wilma tunes' vault comes the brand new album 'Ultra Violet'. A special kind of release. Recorded about 20 years ago it marked a turning point of imagination.


Based around light, 'UV' it tackles modern issues still relevant in science today, delving into mankind's biggest issues of survival.


The music was recorded on cheapy home 4-track tape machine, left to gather magnetic radiation scars for two decades and then slowly roasted in a walkman, re-mastered on 16 track digital and now turned into an

'atmospheric supernova' on Bandcamp.


If you are into underground Progressive Rock, Space Rock, Psychadelic mix-tapes or just imaginative artwork, this first in the tetralogy (series of 4 albums) might just hit the spot!

"Songs like 'Radiation', 'White Sun' and 'Black Hole' inhabit a different sphere: is space-psychedelia and progressive rock."

Dagroove catsynth-skyline-logo-layers wierdomusic

Released 06.05.13


"This album is laden with psychedelic overtones, with an emphasis on spacey composition rarely heard in modern times"


                                                   - Indie Bands Blog

                                                (Band Of The Week!)

Indie Bands Blog art-rockowy

RMD Music Blog

"This Vienna-based artist has a ton of potential"

-1990 top 5 tracks of the week!

RMD blog

A 'Space Rock Epic' using analogue synths and 8 bit sampling. Improvised it encompasses a different sphere of Progressive Rock music. Songs range from 'Q1' - the largest impact meteorite recorded from earth on another planet to 'Dug' - sounding raw like Nine Inch Nails on steroids.


Falling off the back of a bus from a home 4-track tape machine from the 80's, packed away in a shoebox for two decades and then hot-rodded in a walkman and now turned into a fancy stream of electrons on Bandcamp.


The cover is panel 2 'Terrania' from the amazingly beautiful series of 4 by Nicole M. Boitos


If you are into underground Progressive Rock, Space Rock, Psychadelic mix-tapes or just imaginative artwork, this second in the tetralogy (series of 4 albums) will plug your hole.


Released 12.06.13


Released 29.07.13

IMUSICRED Indie Music Vids Deftune

"lo-fi, tripped out, and musical from the brilliant mind of Paul Hayworth"

"this sounds like lo-fi Beatles on acid"


- DEFTUNE independent Music Blog

timetrip arlequins Review Cabecera2-1 SStoned Radio SoT_LOGO_10_250x67 5-stars

Temporarily retuning the strings of the Universe with the release of the third album wide ranging back catalog of 4 genre bending albums. Some old lo -fi bombs with a few new nuggets of modern audio sculpture thrown into the pit of electrons. Jumping all over the genre spectrum these old sckool tape 4 tracks have been left as originals, using Violins, detuned Guitars and pots and pans for drums. Some pretty strange and freaky stuff on here, not really radio friendly, unfashionable misfit freak outs.


"I probably blew up 3 or 4 tape recorders during these sessions trying to get a really heavy saturated burn on the tapes".


You could call it Zappaesque, you could claim

it's like the Beatles, you could churn a whole

load of shite about it but it would be

lazy to liken it to anything else really.


Better to give it a listen.....


Go on try......

777047Logo_Amstrad Jimdoheader

"Extraordinary cover art"

                   - Jungle Indie Rock


Phantom Nomad

Flying in the face of fashion doing his own thing. A spectacular Space Rock adventure using a range of classic synths to create something astounding. Moulded together with heavy Blues and Rock guitar riffs into a truly experimental musical escapade. Following on from 3 other albums in the Lo-Fi Quadrilogy, made over 20 years, this is the high definition progressive celestial masterpiece to top everything that has gone before.


View full 60 min film of the album:


Recorded inside the phenomenon of the 'Great American Polar Vortex Winter 2014' using 24bit 92khz in an extreme low pressure capsule buried deep underground, chilled yet stormy and already sounding totally mind blowing it's a continuation of thenLo-Fi 'Quadrilogy' of old psychedelic mixtapes from the 90's rescued from the vaults. A plethora of new soft and hard synths plague the vibrations like ginger wasp angels.


The series of covers concepted around lyrical ideas in the music, drawn by hand and painted  in watercolour, the multi-album spanning cover is up there with the best pieces of artwork ever used for a series of albums. Full prints of the total tetralogy sized around 8" x 32"  are available to buy.

Audio Graf

Artist Of The Week


The full Lo-Fi Quadrillogy:

emerging indie psygazer

"The best rock, progressive ( including seconds of symphonic rock), shoegaze, indie, and experimental notes, that make this album something very special."

Psychgazer Review

Dayz of Purple Spaceboy justincase starship2

"What really sets this undertaking apart is the breadth of the vision and ambition"

- Dayz Of Purple & Orange

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