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Goodlove & The Dirty Plan

Primarily a concept album starting with a ten minute instrumental song, 'Movement One' using an Iranian Tar (precursor to all guitar type instruments) the melodies intertwined in the album lurch forward into a new style of Johnny Cash rip off called 'Dead Mans Shoes'.

From there we go to 'Goodlove & The Dirty Plan' falling somewhere between Placebo & The Foo!

Track 4 named Fork (as in Fork in the road) subtely hinting about the changing times we live in right now with a 'Best Of Riots' video as an optional visual treat.

Cheekily enough track 5 sounds a bit like a 60's Kinks song, and at about 8 minutes long there's lots of slagging off going on under the bonnet of the happy musical bedsheets.

The next track  'Modern Design' might hit a chord with 80's retro synth pop fans. It's quite simple but yet depressive neo Kraut Rock feel and Tearsy Fearsy into mould it into a fine winter track. A great video is avalable for this song too mimicking the very city it was made in.

So on to 'Destiny', secluded like a musical hangover the withdrawn waves of sounds designed to pull you in, pound you softly, and then spit you out at the end.

Track 8 'Hotel Pellirocco' will make 90's Indie fans and Brighton mods rejoice, akin to Carter USM with the guitar lines of Graham Coxon from Blur.

Next on to 'Cherry Bomb' the odd one out on the album with strangely modulating beats and heavy guitar riffs must be heard and not really written about. Quite Original!!

Then finally 'The Speaker' to head out the album. Guilmouresque style guitars lead off and a John Anderson like vocal style end the album with another 10 minute musical journey from the depths of the audio universe there for your pure enlightening entertainment........


Released 22 October 2011

Music & Lyrics - Paul Hayworth

Adittional Lyrics - Payam E. Roshan

Album Art - Davina Peer

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Originally concieved around 2007 named from the title track Nibiru. It is based around the idea that we live in a binary solar system with two suns, our sun and a brown dwarf. At the end of every era, as portayed many ancient cultures and religions, a cataclysm befalls the planet, it is cleaned of everything and the cycle of life starts once again.


The world is awash with what could be called consipracy theories about ‘the end times’ as seemingly more disasters, social upheaval and rapid changes seem to take place on our planet with incresing intensity every day. If we have found with technology such an object and it was heading straight for us, could we ever stop it? Many people now live in fear that something big is around the corner. Is it Nibiru the rogue brown dwarf star?


The music is experimental indie, glitchcore and space rock. At over 30 minutes long, just the first song on the album gains in speed and intensity throughout, theatrical lyrical excerts are taken from ‘The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth’ known to the alchemists, hidden knowledge and wisdom long regarded by scholars such as Aristotle, Isac Newton and Alexander The Great. Experimental analogue synths wash over guitars through many movements and passages creating a titanic marathon production of ‘Space Rock’ doomsday creation.


The other six tracks on the album, mix styles like Retro Pop and New Wave Punk. A video single Banyan Tree (Indie Rock), one film soundtrack Killing Disko (Post Punk) following more science fiction or maybe actual science facts that have come from alternative to mainstream about the grandest forseen grizzly end.

The musical story of  a molten metal cataclysm of doom that is hurtling our way. "Space Opus" - CKCUFM 


Released 21.12.11

Additional Voices - India Fleet

         3 tracks on CKCUFM  93.1

Soft Culture

Soft Culture a 'Chill Out' album......


Using classic drum machines from the Electronic genre mixed with ambient analogue textures and loops, this purely instrumental album provides a wonderful way to kick back and relax. Inspired by the new genre at the turn of the millenium, eclectic passages of sound melt

into the background surrounding you.


To keep the flavours original, the purpose in recording was to use as little Midi and quantising as possible on classic synths with heavy

loops to push the Acid Jazz feeling on the tracks. Some might be surprised at the neatly woven guitar textures that guide the melodies

in this experimental mix, pushing the genre boundaries once again.


Old school, down tempo, yet still feeling fresh as a daisy the crystal

clear vision takes you on a journey as the music melts into the wallpaper. Beautiful low key moments are truly diverting from the mesmerizing synth hooks to produce vivid images to wind down.

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Released 06/02/12

The Going Away Album

Written and recorded mostly between 2004-2005 comes Paul Hayworth’s ‘The Going Away Album’. A concept album about human desire. Available on ‘electrocuted Wilma tunes’ the journey at the crossroads is ready to start all over again.


You'll find various blues and soul influences on this collection. Real life stories, experiences from pleasure, pain and grieving from loss........

Released 25.03.12

Independent Music News Review:


"I could tell as soon as I pressed play on the first track of this album that I was going to fall in love with it. ‘The Going Away Album’ stands out more than any album I have heard in a while"


"This album is definitely designed for long, leisurely car journeys in the sleepiest, hottest part of summer. It is not one to miss out on, and I would recommend anyone with any interest in music to give it a good, long, rewarding listen."

This album was written between the 9/11 the Twin Towers incident and the arrival of the second Invasion of the Gulf. Inspired purely by dreams created by the propaganda machine it makes a political point now widely regarded in the mainstream as accurate. Mainly driven by improvisational techniques the music was finished the same day the 'Coalition' decided to start their 'Shock & Awe' campaign releasing unparalleled amounts of mini nukes and still unknown secret weapons upon the guise of the 'enemy' (formerly implanted by the CIA) having 'weapons of mass destruction'. A big thank you for all the involved or so called 'world' leaders and organizations for being such utter cocks and my commiserations to those who suffered and are still suffering from the lies.

"We now have broad anti terror laws everywhere, software tracking and government spying legalised, all communications registered, an army of cameras and so on as the figmented war is placed on your digital doorstep.


This self inflicted problem and rise of fear must be dealt with to keep our personal freedoms intact (apparently). That means all your actions are recorded and the rise of the 'Orwellian Nightmare' begins. Governments consistantly try to push the boundaries by breaking wise longstanding international diplomatic agreements and nobody is held accountable, whilst real reporting by real people on the subject is rejected like a boot in the face as the drones of civiisation blindly accept the future. 


The 'Dreams Of War' collection is acmusical statement on this very very dangerous hearts & minds control shit whilst observing the political aftermath of 911" - PH

Dreams Of War

Released 15.04.2012

A definative Alternative Indie Rock / Progressive Pop song collection exploring musical structures in pop to the full. A dreamy yet kick ass album and spinning progressions could develop tonally  into something eerily special with the album 'Dimentions'.


Starting with the plum single 'Spaceboy' co written by Davie Ruegg (hailing from Suffolk n Proud) with Paul, about Paul, played and performed by him too, the corney lyrics and tongue in cheek music could catch you off guard.


Petkovitch is a little stomper indie single with wild driving mono guitars.


Stick Together introduces the smooth voice of Anna (Unused Word) of Vienna's underground electro fame.


From there the album floats off into another musical Dimention, bridging complex arrangements and circular chord patterns to take you somewhere else..


Released 20.05.12


Additional Vocals: Anna (Unused Word)

Additional Writing: David Ruegg

Sounds fresh yet modest recorded with an ex 60's woodstock stage microphone.

"The 10-track album is full of drumbeats

and soundscapes as Hayworth captures

moods and atmospheres with his music."


                                      JPS Music Blog

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"OMG this is perfect to my ipod. Good tunes" - Indie Music Rock


Fishcave Radio:

"Spaceboy Is a Good Tune"

3 Tracks on 'Midnight Blues Special' Radio



Experimental danceable garage beats, Hacienda walking bass, meets monster guitar riffs and pop synths with Indie vibes

shining through the cramping musical rage........ . .


A concept album about London sinking into to sea.


Released: 09/06/12


Drums: Paul B.

Read Review MyDad

"can be considered Hayworth’s “early-Bowie record” -

    "New York Dolls" - "Muse" - "Julian Lennon" -

                    (My Dad Rocks Review)

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Dimentions is one of those albums that I find singularly  

        difficult to criticise, a million miles from awful -

              Steven Reid (Sea Of Tranquility)

"Loved your stuff, reminded me of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at their best."                                                                                                                      

April 13th 2012


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