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"Alternative Indie - Rock , in the sense generic Psychedelia

( from Folk to Space Rock ) and the most classic of Progressive , with broad utilization of electronics , even the most danceable and entertaining sorts. All the influences of the best from the Alternative Rock scene of the Nineties combined with an obvious passion for Hawkwind , Robert Calvert and Steve Hillage , filtered by a melodic taste of flavors from the vague new wave ... Echoes of Spaceman 3, Spectrum, Sun Dial , Radiohead and Church.  Join us in listening to an Opera"


- Arlequins webzine



“Ultra Violet” by Paul Hayworth was recorded on cheap home 4-track tape machine, left to gather magnetic radiation scars for two decades and then slowly roasted in a Walkman, re-mastered on 16 track digital and now turned into an ‘atmospheric supernova’ on Bandcamp. So there you go.


- Wierdomusic.com

"Songs like 'Radiation', 'White Sun' and 'Black Hole' inhabit a different sphere: is Space-Psychedelia and Progressive Rock." This Album is laden with psychedelic overtones, with an emphasis on spacey composition rarely heard in modern times


- Indie Bands Blog.


"My first thought was wow, this sounds like lo-fi Beatles on acid. It’s not The Beatles but it’s from the U.K. warm, lo-fi, tripped out, and musical from the brilliant mind of Paul Hayworth"


- Deftune Independent Music Blog

The former guitarist of Freud and chief co-ordinator of the Vienna’s own and very much loved nightspot The Flying Pig Pub (Kirchbergasse) has decided to take time out to release his own solo album ‘Goodlove & The Dirty Plan’. Dusting off his vast collection off material from over the years his first endeavour is quite a treat with a few new tracks thrown in along the way.


- Frock And Roll Blog

'It's quite old school sounding 90's Indie with a Psychadelic Space Rock edge / Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / Dandy Warholes / Pink Floyd thrown in, a few 'journey tracks' and decidedly English yet exotic to boot!"


- Off Beat Indie Bang

Multi-talented, European artist Paul Hayworth is finally releasing his “Chill Out” album entitled “Soft Culture.” The album was recorded back in 2001 using classic drum machines, sound loops and ambient textures to create an atmospheric piece of music.


- JP's Music Blog

electrocuted Wilma tunes is the showcase label for the music and artwork of Paul Hayworth. Charting consistently in the ‘Austrian Indie Charts’ with the Mod Britpop Band Freud (Cheap Records Rocks) rabid creativity took hold. Paul decided to start slowly releasing his solo work more akin to classic Prog Rock bands such as Genesis, Yes and The Rolling Stones). The album ‘Goodlove & The Dirty Plan’ draws influences from everywhere to combine into an awesome debut solo album. Self produced and all music written and performed by the indie man himself, he ignores all rules about how things are ‘supposed’ to be done.


- Progstravaganza

A twelve-minute instrumental folk as the opener for the debut album? Is the man completely mad? Yes, he is - but in a positive way. The British adopted Viennese and ex-guitarist Freud has floated freely in order to create an intimate solo rock scene. The best proof that the guitar players in the background are much too often underestimated. 5 Stars


- Volume Magazine

Releasing his solo efforts in a reverse order, paying tribute to plenty of different genres, he is to be classified as a man of vision. "I basically ignore the rules which were laid down by major labels to help market music, and most musicians follow because I am not an accountant, I am an artist."


- Prog-Sphere

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Listening to the album (Phantom Nomad), when you think that you’re absolutely imbued with the spirit of this fourth album of the British musician, with issues very in style as 'Hurricane Delta Blues’, 'Wishing Well’ or 'Windy Lake’, however the quality of the album is even increasing until the end with a clear thread in the voice and guitar of Paul, well arranged with psychedelic organ sounds and backing vocals from Nicole Boitos Hayworth (author of an excellent cover art), and climaxes with amazing songs like 'Electric Cloud’, 'Orbital Gravity’, or the shocking 'Spider Tree’ that lead me again, in a so fresh way, to the British sounds of the 90s that inspired, in part, the birth of the neo-psychedelia.


- Psychgazer

Most of the songs are neo-psych and would be at home on any Fruits de Mer release. Songs that I find particularly intriguing are the bucolic “Windy Lake,” the trippy “Minus 20,” and the catchy neo-psych “Spider Tree,” that reminded me of Chicago’s The Luck of Eden Hall. Paul varies his approach, instrumentation, and orchestration across the 13 songs thereby keeping your interest while at the same time communicating that this is all his music.


- Exposé Online

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