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A song about a cat who meticulously watches the sky at night for something. A psychadelic prog rock video with a nice sunrise. Watch the constellations fly by in this mantra.

Banyan Tree

The intro music and trailer to a film about a rebellious clock maker. Post Punk, New Wave audio road rage, - 'Dissonance' a short movie from Lazy Generation Studio.

Voice Transformers, neo punk and guitar pop meet EWilma at the cinema.

Killing Disko

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Hall Of Jars

Video for the single 'Hall Of Jars' from the album 'Hit The Killswitch' released on electrocuted Wilma tunes 2012.


A dark look at a crazy experiment gone wrong. Based on a true story at Cambridge University medical labs.


The subject enters the Hall Of Jars and is told not to touch them. Many strange symbols and words make no sense.


Eventually luring him in to break the rules he discovers even surrounded by a chemical biohazard nightmare, there is one thing that stays consistant.


Video Team: Lazy Generation Studio & Kleeblatt Theatre


Released 6.05.13 on electrocuted Wilma tunes. www.electrocuted.moonfruit.com www.paulhayworth.bandcamp.com Shot in Cambridgeshire, the worlds home of Genetic Engineering, the video explores the relationship between man, science and creation.


Additional artwork from Addenbrookes Hospital, various research institutes, the very gothic looking Ely Cathedral and other religious artifacts, from the Genome project to the first cloned animals (and probably humans), Paul Hayworth takes a wild walk to the darker side of our future.


Half pig, half human on a dark night  in the earths history with a full moon blazing, maybe we will one day play God and start creating monsters of our own choosing. Mutants or genetically engineered beings will become reality and let loose on an unsuspecting world.


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