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Exclusive mega 100% LD Quality collage of object incidences combine over the opening track Aerial from Paul Hayworth's Soft Culture. A blast from the past, this purely instrumental album provides a wonderful way to kick back and relax. Eclectic passages of sound melt into the surrounding background.


Short film Dissonance by Lazy Generation Studios [LGS] featuring 'Killing Disko' from Nibiru 2011 (electrocuted Wilma tunes). An outsider lives a lonely life as genius. One day some irregularities force him to break up his locked up self and face his own past...

(We recommend to watch it in 720p or 1080p so hit the link below! - yes now..... . ;)


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Cold Feet

Sock Puppet mahem.

Ultra Violet

Shardes of light at sunset projecting from the West on a spring evening, travelling from outer- space, bent by the atmosphere, racing over misty corn fields creating heat haze. Blocked by a few leaves swaying on a tree in the wind and blurred out, catching the last rays of the day after a long cold and wet winter.


The light rays pass through a double glazed window, refracting a little and bounce onto a mirror, then hit a wall, get absorbed and radiate out stopping their journey dead in their tracks.


Captured on film, this wonderful effect is used as a frame to introduce the uncoloured album cover for 'Ultra Violet' released on electrocuted Wilma tunes 06.05.13,


A concept album about light, and the various future struggles of survival for mankind.

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