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An art house video exploring the sometimes architecturally bizarre natured fashion of middle Europe's wierdest and finest building designs. The theme of the song actually takes a pop at the heavily burocratic nature of the city of Vienna and in doing so Paul creates a visual showcase for all to enjoy.

Ripped from various sources on the internet this is a collection of striking images from 2010 and 2011 where the world seemed to be turning upside down. Countless revolutions, protests and riots seem to do the music justice. Probably the strongest most accessable song on the album 'Goodlove & The Dirty Plan'.


Modern Design


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  5 / 5


As Time Runs Out

Video for the single 'As Time Runs Out' from the album 'Hit The Killswitch' released on electrocuted Wilma tunes 2012.


A Robotic Donkey's journey through 'The Flying Pig' 'The Loft' 'Chelsea' & 'Ramien' Nightclubs.

Watch him knüdel his way through nightlife in Vienna's hotspots as the anti-hero. See the robotic donkey earn his stripes in a drunken rampage.


Featuring many famous rock and indie music DJ's from the local scene.


Video Info: Shooting Locations Vienna (AT) -. The Flying Pig, The Loft, Chelsea, Ramien Winter 2011

Weather Girl

Just a breath of fresh air with a minimalistic video single from the album 'Hit The Killswitch'.


Bored of video stills on Youtube's videos the concept is easy. The audio recording of 'Weather Girl' uses indoor micro turbine sampled solos to create a spacey backdrop.


Lyrically dark and lonesome the life out in the country is now filled with new green energy devices. Visable for miles around debate rages;  


- Are they are necessary?

- Are they are effecient?

- Do they spoil the natural beauty?

- Do they pose a threat to wildlife?


Hypnotizing blades of vortex slicing power generators now dominate the weather systems.

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